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Board & Train

Dogs reside at Ideal Dog under the care of Lauren Turner throughout the duration of these packages.  This immerses dogs into an environment built for their success--they receive multiple individual training sessions daily, engage in appropriate social interactions with other balanced dogs, and are given appropriate physical exercise.  These packages are perfect for families who do not have extensive periods of time throughout the day to lay the foundations of training, which can be very repetitive.

Get your pup started on the right paw! This package promises to save you from some of the headache involved with welcoming a new puppy into the home. 


Training focuses on:

  • Potty training: Getting the dog to sleep through the night and understand they should relieve themselves outside only.

  • Kennel training: This is essential for giving your puppy the rest they need, saving your home from destruction, preventing anxiety in your dog, and keeping them safe.  Dogs will learn not to yip, cry, and howl while in the kennel.

  • Focus drills: Teaching your puppy to look to you for direction and ignore other distractions.  This skill is a foundation for success in later training.

  • Target work: Teaching a puppy how to find a touch a target is a fun way to keep them focused and get them moving!

  • Puppy manners: Puppies will learn not to jump, bite, play with inappropriate items, bark unnecessarily, etc

  • Basic Obedience: Introducing basic behavioral skills early is important because it gets the puppy thinking critical and lays the foundation for more formal obedience down the road.  Puppies will be introduced to "sit", "down", and "come" commands.

  • Proprioception Exercises: A fancy term for exercises that teach dogs how to comfortably move through, on, around, and under their environment.  These sense is inextricably linked to teaching dogs how to think critically, have self-confidence, and stay physically fit.

Package includes:

  • Book: Let Dogs be Dogs by Marc Goldberg and the Monks of New Skete

  • Diet Assessment

  • Training collar and/or training leash

  • Complete take-home session with printed handouts and transition instructions

10-Day Puppy Board & Train



Gold Obedience Course




This package is perfect for anybody who wants to invest in their dog's future and fully enjoy a well-behaved, lifelong companion.  This program is designed to immerse your dog in an environment built for their success to develop lifelong, polite habits.


Training focuses on:

  • Attentiveness: Teaching the dog that regardless of distractions, their attention should always be on their handler.  This package reliably tests dogs even under high levels of distractions.

  • Advanced Obedience: Dogs learn the following commands reliably on AND off-leash under high levels of distractions:

    • Sit​ (implied stay)

    • Down (implied stay)

    • Come

    • Place

    • Kennel

    • Walking on a loose-leash

  • Manners: The dogs learn the following polite behaviors:

    • Sit and wait before crossing any threshold

    • No jumping on people

    • No excessive barking

    • No pawing, jumping, whining, or licking for attention

    • Staying off furniture

    • Playing only with permitted toys

    • Remaining calm in the house

  • Off-Leash Recall: The ability to recall your dog despite high levels of distractions gives you the freedom to responsibly take your dog swimming, running, hiking, and playing while still keeping them under control.  The literally FREES your dog and opens the world to them!  The possibilities are endless when your dog can just romp around and still be attentive and responsive to your commands.

  • High-Distraction Training: In this package, the last week of the dog's training is focused on testing their skills in high-distraction environments like local parks, hardware stores, pet-friendly strip malls, and in areas with people and other animals.

Package includes:

  • Book: Let Dogs be Dogs by Marc Goldberg and the Monks of New Skete

  • Two training collars and/or training leash

  • Size-appropriate dog cot

  • E-collar (E-Collar Technologies ET-300 or EZ-900) 

  • Diet Assessment

  • Complete take-home session with printed handouts and transition instructions