Ideal Dog's exceptional dog training results stem from Lauren's approach to training and rehabilitating the dog holistically.  This method fixes dog behavioral problems from the foundation and ensures lifelong results.  All items in this pyramid work together to truly create the Ideal Dog!


  • All training with Ideal Dog rests on a foundation of teaching a dog to be calm, attentive, focused, and respectful, even under varying levels of distractions.

  • Behavioral problems are solved by fixing the root of the issue, rather than simply relying on management or preventative measures.  Ideal Dog doesn't train a dog by SUPPRESSING impulses--we teach the dog in a way that literally creates new neuropathways and new chemistry in a dog's brain that allows them to make better decisions all on their own.

  • All training with Ideal Dog encourages dogs to be a motivated, confident, and willing participant in their own training!  The method boils down to a pattern of "pressure on", "pressure off", followed by a reward.  This method of training teaches dogs clearly, patiently, and reliably what is required of them and it results in endless training possibilities!


  • A large part of ensuring training success is giving the owners the guidance and information they need to lead their dog properly.  Ideal Dog wants owners to feel confident and empowered to continue working with their dog long after formal training is completed.

  • Dog owners are required to read Let Dogs be Dogs by Marc Goldberg and the Monks of New Skete while their dog is enrolled in training.  This is a fantastic book with many anecdotal stories that make it a fun read.  It does a great job explaining how you can live with your dog in a way that makes them feel fulfilled and ensures a healthy, respectful relationship for life.  It is not a dog "training" book per say--it really gives you a broad look at how to create the best relationship between you and your dog.

  • A large portion of dog behavioral problems stem from the lifestyle the dog previously lived with their owners.  Ideal Dog guides and teaches owners how to properly live with their dog in a way that ensures they feel fulfilled, receive clear direction for owners, and understand where their place is within the family structure.  These pieces are what keep a dog well-behaved and respectful for life.

  • Regardless of training package, owners will receive comprehensive information in the form of videos and handouts to compliment their dog's training.


  • An often overlooked, yet critically important piece to a well-trained dog is the dog's physical health and diet.

  • Ideal Dog looks at a dog's health by considering their age, breed (dominant breeds if they are a mix), health history, age at which they were neutered, lifestyle, and any other pertinent information to develop a comprehensive look at the dog's health.

  • We also work with owners to select a diet that is nutritionally appropriate for the dog (that still remains within budget).  Proper diets are at the core of ensuring a dog remains healthy throughout their life.

  • Ideal Dog as an uncompromising protocol owners must accomplish prior to beginning training that includes:

    • Testing for parasites (including giardia) ​

    • Switching the dog to an approved diet

    • If the dog is overweight, taking concrete steps to beginning the weight loss process prior to starting training (that will continue throughout training)

    • Ensuring the dog is physically capable of completing an intensive training program.

  • Disclaimer: While Ideal Dog has extensive knowledge regarding canine health and nutrition, we recommended all courses of action suggested from Ideal Dog regarding nutrition, diet, and health should be coordinated with a licensed veterinarian before implementing.


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