Can you sit WITH your dog?

Can you sit WITH your dog? Not sit next to your dog. Not ask your dog to sit, sit, sit, SIT, SIT! and hope they do it for longer than a moment. Not sit while your dog licks you, paws you, jumps on you, brings you a toy, sleeps next to you, or sniffs around you. But really, SIT--calmly, patiently, grounded, and TOGETHER.

This is important, so I want you to think about it.

Those who have truly SAT together with their dog knows the "zen" I speak of when those moments occur.

I would venture to say THAT feeling--the feeling of harmony and companionship--is what ALL dog-owners desire when they decide to bring a dog into their lives. That little bouncy puppy, that mutt from the shelter, that dog you've wanted for years...everybody desires that special type of companionship that only a dog can fill.

This "zen" is unique and you'll never experience it anywhere else. And THIS is the experience I want EVERY. SINGLE. CLIENT. I work with to achieve.

Dogs are so amazing that is is a pity when things spiral so out of control that the dog becomes a source of stress in so many lives. The chewing. The pulling on leash. The barking. The accidents on the carpet. The CHAOS.

So let me help.

Let's get to the bottom of the problem and rebuild that relationship you had such high hopes for when you first laid eyes on "your" dog. It will take time, patience, consistency, and an open mind. But it IS possible!

Then one day, after lots of hard'll feel it. Maybe it will just be flickers at first. But slowly and surely, that connection between you and your dog will strengthen, grow, and brighten.

And then you'll truly be able to sit WITH your dog...and it will have all been worth it.

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